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Housequarters is the ONLY smart home solutions company that creates a mutually beneficial relationship between homeowners and skilled service professionals and suppliers, delivering a smarter way to own your home. We are actual licensed professionals that understand the whole homeownership landscape for Do-It-Youselfers and For-Hire services alike and have developed a proprietary set of data and customer-friendly technology tools to complement our experts, and make you a smarter homeowner.

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Our 2-unit condo are all first time buyers. Housequarters helped evaluate the property, develop a plan with the right insurance, condo association management tools, and services to maintain the building. Now I just log in, say what I need, and they take care of it. My friends are jealous at how easy it has become for me to own.

Mary - Somerville, MA


Housequarters was terrific at helping us with our deck project. We talked through options with their pro, and they helped with everything from managing planning and permits, selecting materials, managing logistics, and having a great crew on site to demo our old deck and build a new one. Site was totally cleaned and inspections passed without issue. This is the third major project I have used Housequarters for and they do what they say ... Make homeownership easy.

Brian - Dedham, MA