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Housequarters offers EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you will ever need in owning a home.

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Time is money - We studied all the options so you don't have to

We are experts in all things home, offering you the optimal solutions, best values, and making sure things are done right.

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Smarter Home Services for Smart Homeowners

Housequarters is the ONLY DIY and For-Hire friendly home service company that is a licensed contractor, real estate broker, and insurance agent, with the experience to accomplish everything for your home within our team, complemented by the best data and customer-friendly technology tools.

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Tell us what you want, by making a request on your profile, email, call text, live-chat, etc.

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We review it from all angles, create an optimal approach, and offer solutions that provide the best value

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You save time, money and aggravation, and become a smart homeowner

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People Say We are Smart !

"The Housequarters team was there every step of the way when I bought my house, evaluating properties, setting me up with terrific lawyers, banks for mortgages, home inspectors, and even the best handyman to change the locks. They made sure I knew everything I needed throughout the process."

- Gabri, Dedham, MA


"When it comes to home repair and maintenance I'm wildly particular about how to do the job. The Housequarters virtual handyman came to the rescue to assist with a long overdue painting project. From their online scheduling tool, knowledge of building codes, to the constant communication, professionalism and quality of work I couldn't be any happier. Trust and reliability are two of the biggest concerns when it comes to hiring home contractors. Housequarters nailed it."

- Marc, Concord, MA

"Our 2-unit condo are all first time buyers. Housequarters helped evaluate the property, develop a plan with the right insurance, condo association management tools, and services to maintain the building. Now I just log in, say what I need, and they take care of it. My friends are jealous at how easy it has become for me to own."

- Mary, Somerville, MA

"I have someone from Housequarters come out every year to fully inspect our home and do any of the little fixes needed to keep it in top shape all at once. If the last appraisal is any indication, they are definitely doing the right things."

- Leo, Truro, MA


"I lived with the same gross bathroom for 30 years, but the Housequarters team helped me plan and complete the makeover I had always wanted, keeping on time, and budget with incredible craftsmanship, and finding solutions I did not even know existed. They even sourced terrific carerra marble at a big savings to me. I now have the bathroom I have always wanted."

- Tricia, Winthrop, MA

"Housequarters was terrific at helping us with our deck project. We talked through options with their pro, and they helped with everything from managing planning and permits, selecting materials, managing logistics, and having a great crew on site to demo our old deck and build a new one. Site was totally cleaned and inspections passed wihtout issue. This is the third major project I have used Housequarters for and they do what they say ... Make homeownership easy."

- Brian, Dedham, MA

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